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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Indigo Blu book of stamps

A while ago I set myself the task of stamping each and every one of my Indigo Blu stamps into a cheap spiral bound sketch pad so that I had a quick, easy reference guide to which stamps belonged to which plate. As I was stamping I found seeing the images on the page made it easier to visualise ideas for projects using the stamps. I decided to decorate the cover of the book just for fun and that I would then take the book with me wherever I go so that I can always leaf through and get ideas. For me, decorating the cover was a daunting prospect as by that point I had already stamped inside and I was a bit hesitant to start slapping paint on the cover in case it went horribly wrong. I'm sure many people can relate! Anyhow, I got over my nerves, got out the paintbrush and you can see the result above. I'm quite pleased with it overall.

Here's what I did:

As the sketchpad cover had a glossy finish
and was dark blue and yellow I first applied a
base coat of gesso and white acrylic

Next I got out a few colours of acrylic paint and
just liberally painted the cover in random patterns.
While the paint was drying I used a scrunched 
wet wipe to remove some of the colour and give
 a bit more texture to the finish.

I stamped some of my favourite Indigo Blu images 
onto a large tissue using archival ink, tore or cut around
the images and peeled away the bottom layer so that
 the tissue was just one sheet thick. Then I started to
lay the images onto the cover.

Using a brush I applied matte medum to an area
approximately the size of the image, laid the tissue
over the top and then painted on more matte medium
 to seal. The tissues go almost transparent.

I kept going until I had filled the whole cover and 
left it to dry then I applied another coat of matte
medium. Finally I added a title and rubbed Inka Gold
(in silver) around the edges.

Inside the book:


A useful project but good fun and I got over my fear about decorating the book cover!

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