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Friday, 2 March 2012

Stitched postcard #1 - felted flowers

Those of you who read my WOYWW post will know that I mentioned a piece of grey felt that was waiting to be sprayed with colour sprays. I was really pleased with how that worked, I sprayed several different colours on and then used kitchen towel to dab off the excess. Once dry this gave a really pretty background.

I've finished the project this afternoon. (Should probably have cleaned the house - oops!) It's a stitched postcard, (or artist mailing card). The basic idea came from a book called 'Stitched Postcards' by Christa Rolf. This inspired my layout of 3 felted flowers with free machine embroidery, the rest just came together as I played.

I took my sprayed felt and dry felted, (i.e. with a felting needle), 3 flower heads on to the background by laying red, yellow and orange wool fibres in a spiral. Then I used free machine embroidery to go over the flowers and to decorate the background. For the flower stems rather than use more felt I found an old paper bag handle (knew this would come in useful one day!). I cut slits in the felt to poke the ends through.

Once I had worked out where all the stems would go I cut a leaf shape from brown card to match and stitched this on with the machine first. I then put the stems back in place, couched these on by hand and added wooden beads to the flower heads.

The word ribbon seemed quite fitting since I love free machine emboidery, mixing textiles with paper, beads, the colours on this piece, the felting - I love it all really.
The flower heads had popped up a bit when I embroidered them so I decided to exploit this before sewing the backing on by adding some wadding behind them.

Hope you like the finished piece.


  1. Stunning! A good inspiration for my textile module which I started last week :)

  2. Sewing was one of my first crafts and I love this idea, the beads in the center of the flowers and the padding behind them really make it pop.

  3. Never been on your blog before and found you by way of WOYWW and have to say your felted card is just beautiful.