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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Scrapbooking by extending the photograph with embossing powders

This is a layout I made for display on the WOW embossing powders stand at the NEC this weekend.

As some of you who have read my blog before may know, as well as papercrafts I also enjoy textile art and quilting. The inspiration for this page actually came from a textile course I took last year at Bramblepatch - 'Blending photos with thread painting' with Brenda Boardman. We learnt in class how to print a photo onto canvas and then use free machine embroidery to extend the photo and 'blend' it into the larger background piece. When I picked up this photo to create a scrapbook layout I realised it had some elements which would be ideal for this technique but using embossing powders instead.

It's easier to see what I mean on the close up photo...

I extended the red carpet and brickwork from the bottom and sides of the photograph.

For the red carpet I used Apple Red embossing powder. I cut two pieces of card and laid them on to the page at the same angle as the carpet in the photograph. I then applied embossing ink in the gap. Allow the bottom edge to be less neat as it looks better than a straight edge. For the brickwork I used Metallic Platinum in the super fine grade. I made the lines using a ruler and embossing pen.   

Easy! Dig out those photographs with elements that can be extended into the page. I'd love to know how you get on.

Other elements on the page:
Chipboard hearts covered in Red Glitz, Apple Red, Burgundy Red and Red Puff embossing powders.
Twiddleybitz chipboard scroll covered in Metallic Silver Ultra High powder.

I'll be back tomorrow with some additional notes for anyone who picked up my Jubilee layout instruction page from the NEC.

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