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Saturday, 2 February 2013


Had a lovely night last night with a couple of friends - chinese takeaway, few drinks and a chick flick. :-) After a lay in, bacon butty and a couple of paracetamol I thought I'd spend a few hours crafting. Bliss. So this afternoon I took over the kitchen and had a go at some felting.

I absolutely love this book by Moy Mackay and would love to be able to produce felted pictures even a fraction as good as her designs. I thought I'd follow her instructions from start to finish and learn the process she uses as it's slightly different to what I've done before.

I had a go at carding to mix colours, it worked okay but I definitely need to practice getting the fleece off the carders, it sounded easy but of the 5 or 6 times I tried once it worked perfectly and the other times not so much. Practice might eventually make
perfect I guess?

After laying out the fibres this was my piece before felting:
I used Moy's tip for applying the soap - mix soap flakes and warm water in a plastic bottle and make holes in the cap so you can sprinkle the soapy water over the picture.
and scrunched up bubble wrap to rub over the picture
then a ribbed roller

then rolling in the bamboo mat

Here's the finished piece, I'm really pleased with it, just got to dry it out then I think I'll do some free machine stitching over it and hopefully make it into a notebook cover. It's going to be a present for someone special (Mum - hope your not reading this or at least not until after next weekend!).

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