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Thursday, 17 November 2011

LB Crafts mini books class

I had such a fab time yesterday at LB Crafts with the lovely Sharon, Felicity and Heather. It took a while for us to get there but was certainly worth it. It was the first time any of us had been to Lin's shop but a return visit was definetly planned so I couldn't believe it when I read on Lin's blog a few weeks ago that she had decided to close the shop. Noooooo! Having been to 2 ArtsyCrafts events, (including the one with Sir Tim), I already knew how fab Lin's teaching was and yesterday didn't disappoint. Big sigh of relief to know that she is intending to continue teaching at a new venue after a bit of a break as well as doing one ArtsyCrafts event a year. I'll be looking out for details about that on her blog. Hope she manages to have a well deserved rest first!

A photo of us all with Lin, the workshop space was covered with loads of gorgeous  samples.

We practised with loads of techniques and used lovely products like distress stains, Kraft resist paper and Claudine Hellmuth sticky back canvas. Its the simple things that please me though, the techniques that someone experienced with a product doesn't even think twice about - how do you stamp on your canvas which has been coloured with distress stains and is curled up? - stick it to your craft mat of course!

The class took us through the process of making and decorating 3 simple mini books. I have a few bits to finish off but am really pleased with what I have so far...

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