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Friday, 8 March 2013

Andy Skinner book of secrets 'feminine' version

Okay, not exactly 'girly' but I made this version of the book of secrets using swirls and a butterfly as an alternative to the original version with cogs which had an industrial feel. I have aimed to achieve the look of aged copper patina (its difficult to get a true reflection of the colour here). I'm pretty happy with it. So I now have a pair of these boxes. What I think I will do with them is make 2 mini books to fit the drawers. These mini books will contain old family photos and identify the different people, who they are, perhaps basic info like their date of birth, occupation etc. I'm going to use the original box for the men and the new 'feminine' box for the ladies. That's the idea in my head anyway. We will see what happens. :-)

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