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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Design team samples

Just a quick post to say I am really excited to have sent off pictures of my first samples for the WOW design team. I can post pictures once they have been on their blog. I had to finish them sunday evening after spending most of the weekend in bed with a cold! Fingers crossed I'm feeling quite a lot better now. I then spent yesterday working on some samples for Indigo Blu. I'm officially on their design team too. How exciting.

I spent the day covered in gilding flake. The brief was to make samples using specific (gorgeous) Indigo Blu stamps and their amazing Flitter Glu. This stuff is the most amazing glue to use on your stamps with gilding flake. You have to try it!

This was done using the Indigo Blu 'Crackleglaze background' stamp with Flitter Glu and gilding flake. The samples are for Sundays create and craft show featuring Indigo Blu. Once they have been on tv (yes I am a teensy bit excited) I can post pictures. Love this technique.

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